Weight loss just got easier with H2O!

Are you trying to lose weight the healthy way? Are you looking for anything to do other than diet and exercise? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Along with your healthy diet and exercise regime, the next thing that you can do is drink a lot of water, at least two litres every day. Drinking an adequate quantity of water, on a daily basis, has very often been underestimated. But now there is all the more reason to keep up your water regime especially if your goal includes weight loss! Recent research has proved that keeping oneself hydrated, and when I say hydrated I mean plain water and not soda or sugared juices, keeps up one’s metabolism rates thus leading to healthy weight loss.

A study conducted by Chang and her co-workers was published in the magazine ‘Annals of Family Medicine’. These researchers gathered data of about nine and a half thousand adults from National Health and Nutrition Examination survey (NHANES). The results suggested that about 33% of them were not sufficiently hydrated. Not only that but that BMI values of those who were not sufficiently hydrated were higher than that of those who were properly hydrated. Voila! That is a secret disclosed. How it works? Water is a natural suppressant of hunger. Consumption of water before and after meal time cuts your calorie intake and gives you a feeling of fullness. Also as per medical journals, drinking water also burns more fatty tissues.

Decrease of water level in your body leads to reduced performance of your kidneys which means your liver will take over those functions and stops burning fat (something that it is supposed to do). Hence keep up your kidney functions by drinking lots of water and you might just lose all those unwanted flabby issues! Water – the most inexpensive weight loss regime The human body is composed of about 65 percentage of water. So when you are dehydrated it means that your body has lost a bit of its water content and needs to be replenished at the earliest. Not doing this can result in fluid retention otherwise known as bloating. When your body realizes that its water content has fallen below threshold limit it senses a threat of survival, thus retaining all the existing water in the body. This causes bloating of certain parts like hands and legs and can be avoided by consuming more of this wonder liquid.

Dehydration symptoms are misunderstood as hunger When your body is dehydrated you feel fatigue, thirsty, slow thinking and even sleepy. These symptoms may send the wrong signals to your body and it might think that you are actually hungry. This may lead to unnecessary / binge eating. Don’t expect dehydration to subside by drinking water immediately. Form a habit of drinking water regularly.

Every day in the morning, fill up two litres of bottle/bottles and finish them off by the end of the day by drinking periodically (once every one hour). Accompany your meals with drinking water and to keep yourself hydrated you can also include fresh fruits, radishes, cucumbers and leafy salads in your diet. 

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