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Free 10km running training program

The goal of this 12-week training plan is to get you training and running a 10km race, and most importantly - injury free!  We’ll start with the walk/run method which teaches your body to adapt to running longer distances.  This will allow your muscles to recover which will help to avoid any injuries.   

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Sleep yourself slim!

An average person is biologically programmed to sleep around a third of their entire time on the planet. Eight to nine hours of sound sleep is recommended for everyone. You can sleep for eight hours straight or you may break it into a siesta of two hours and six hours of sleep through the night. Lack of sufficient sleep will definitely make you more anxious, stressed and irritated. You may also feel groggy throughout the day. These are only visible symptoms. The actual damage is subtle and perpetual. Constant sleep deprivation leads to weight gain, hormonal imbalances and a plethora of health ailments. Sleep is one of the quintessential requisites for weight loss and overall health. Let us explore how...

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Recover like a Pro

Muscle soreness, sometimes accompanied by a fever, is the reason many newbies give up fitness. At the other extreme are the masochists of the sports world who love the pain. For these people, a workout is not good if it’s not followed by pain. It is possible to exercise without pain and inflammation, but expect to advance in strength and endurance or lose weight at a slow rate. This is much better than no progress at all, but if you are able, push yourself to work harder at the gym, and manage recovery like a pro to experience less pain. Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is the pain you feel the day after a workout. It may last overnight,...

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Being Fit is More than Just Looking Fit

The image of a bodybuilder’s competition, rows of muscular men and women in their best form, tensing on a stage, makes one imagine these people as real life Greek gods and superheroes. Men and women bodybuilders spend years gaining muscle, then several months getting lean for maximum muscle definition. They are tanned, strong, and appear happy, the epitome of wellness and fitness. So it’s not surprising that so many look up to them. We follow our fitness heroes on social media and take their advice, no matter how ridiculous, on how to get fit. We fall in love with the image of fitness, which is not the same as good health. The concept of health encompasses the mind, body and...

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