Sleep yourself slim!

An average person is biologically programmed to sleep around a third of their entire time on the planet. Eight to nine hours of sound sleep is recommended for everyone. You can sleep for eight hours straight or you may break it into a siesta of two hours and six hours of sleep through the night. Lack of sufficient sleep will definitely make you more anxious, stressed and irritated. You may also feel groggy throughout the day. These are only visible symptoms. The actual damage is subtle and perpetual.

Constant sleep deprivation leads to weight gain, hormonal imbalances and a plethora of health ailments. Sleep is one of the quintessential requisites for weight loss and overall health. Let us explore how lack of sleep affects your health, body mass index and life.

Sleep regulates blood glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, metabolism and hormonal secretions, including cortisol and insulin. Sleep well and your blood pressure will be normal, the bad cholesterol will be low, the spikes in your blood sugar will be timely and as necessary for the body, hormones will be secreted when they should and in right amounts, metabolism will kick start at the right time which is morning and you will continue to burn calories through the day. Reduce nine or eight hours of sleep to six and all these essential activities inside your body will be adversely affected. Reduce eight hours to four hours or even less and all your bodily functions will go haywire.

 Let us quickly understand the correlation of sleep and eating habits. It doesn’t matter what diet or fitness regimen you follow, sleep will still hold on to its contribution to regulating metabolism. Lack of sleep increases cravings. When you are awake well past midnight or perhaps till three in the morning, you will be drawn to binge snacking. You may even make yourself a late night meal. None of these calories you consume are going to be used by the body. You simply experience hunger prangs. Sleep is supposed to restart the body, prepare it for an entire day of work and it conducts immediate repairs, from inflamed tissues to sore muscles. You are supposed to be hungry when you wake up and the foods you consume subsequently get metabolized so you can use the calories through the day. This natural cycle gets affected when you don’t sleep well and long enough.

Sleep cools down the body, necessary to facilitate weight loss. Sleep allows your body to access energy reserves, in other words fat and staying awake will compel you to eat. Finally, who doesn't enjoy an extra lie in on the weekends!

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