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Four ways to improve your running

If you have been looking for ways to improve your running (regardless of whether you are looking to break personal records or to minimize the risk of injury) you have certainly come to the right place!  Check out all of the inside information we have to offer you below and before you know it you have completely transformed your running.  Each and every one of your running excursions are about to become as effortless and consistent as they can possibly be!

Let’s dive right in!


The best thing you’re going to want to do to improve your running is to focus mostly on your endurance and your ability to push past your pain barrier.  The challenge behind improving your endurance is that you have to really own up to the idea that your mind can conquer everything, and that if you are strong-willed enough you can push through almost any kind of pain or fatigue you’re feeling.

There are also other benefits of incorporating endurance focused training sessions as well - maximizing your slow twitch muscle and learning to focus on your breathing.  These breakthroughs are what improve your endurance and before you know it you’ll be running distances two or three times longer than you were previously. 


The second thing you have to do is adjust your diet according to your goals.  You have to get smart about the foods you use as fuel, and you need to transition away from “chemical heavy” foods – the processed junk that most of us put in our bodies on a regular basis – and gravitate more towards all natural foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean sources of protein.

Nutrition is an area that can get really complicated really quickly. The simplest way to avoid that is to keep things simple!

  • Moderate your junk food and include more whole foods.
  • Stop drinking sodas, juice and other beverages besides water, tea and coffee (pre-workouts).

Boom! You just cleaned up 80% of your diet. Make that switch and your running will improve almost overnight!


The significantly “less fun” part of running is the actual recovery process – and it isn’t anything that serious runners ever get used to or excited about.  But if you are going to improve your running experience you need to be well rested, you need to have recovered from the exercises and training you’ve been putting yourself through, and you have to be sure that you are letting your body recover from the effort that you are putting in to running in the first place.

Commit to getting at least six hours of high quality sleep a night (ideally eight hours), and take regular breaks from running to regroup and give your body time to catch up.


At the end of the day, you are only ever going to progress with your running if you stick to a consistent training program and protocol designed specifically to improve your endurance in the first place.  Daily effort is always a good idea (mostly because you ingrain the habit of working and exercising towards a goal), and you want to be sure to record your progress along the way to make sure that you’re headed in the right direction.

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