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Utilize your workout time during vacation doing Cross Fit Exercises

Vacations are approaching, with many of us planning to take a short sabbatical from our hectic lives & busy schedules. One concern with the holiday break is that our fitness schedules often go for a toss during this time. From the exercise to the diet regimes, all are in a mess, because we tend to let loose the control over these two essential things comprising our overall fitness.

For those patrons working out daily, they may have to completely go without it during their vacation break. But as far as exercise regime is concerned, we can do some justice to it, by following some easy alternatives. These alternative, easy-to-perform exercises can maintain our body flexibility and suppleness till the duration of holidays. We can then get back to our normal gym workouts after the break, without having stiff joints or muscle spasms, due to the long break.

Cross Fit exercises –Intense workout in a short span of time

Cross Fit exercises can act as a midway between hardcore gym workouts & simple exercises carried out at home. Cross Fit is a combination of aerobic exercise, body weight exercise as well as Olympic weight lifting. Cross Fit exercises are strength training & conditioning programs which comprise of high-intensity & challenging workouts. It focuses on maintaining the fitness of most parts of the body as a whole, instead of just focusing on any one of the specialties of fitness. Cross Fit exercises help to develop stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, agility as a whole.

Cross Fit exercises are well performed as a group or community in gyms but can be done in the comfort of our homes & other encouraging environs as well. Anybody, ranging from people beginners for weight training till fitness fanatics & former athletes can engage in these exercises.

WOD (Workouts of the Day) are mostly workouts which can be performed by interested individuals. It involves performing rounds or repetitions of certain high-intensity exercises within a particular time frame.

One is supposed to go through the prescribed number of reps within the time frame without resting in between reps for each of the WOD. Here are a few examples of easy to perform Cross Fit exercises which can be tried out when in vacations, at your ease as well:

Cindy WOD

It includes a set of 5 pull ups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats to be done AMRAP (i.e. as many rounds/reps as possible) within 20 minutes. It needs to be done without resting in between rounds. There are quite many variations for this simple beginners' workout.



It includes 3 rounds of 50 sit-ups along with 400 mt runs for time (20 minutes).


It includes 8 rounds of 10 sit-ups along with 10 burpees for time (20 minutes).


It includes 10 rounds of 10 sit-ups along with 10 push-ups and 10 air squats for time.

Intense Cross Fit exercises require adequate coaching by a trained gym professional to minimize the increased risk of injury. Injury risks are too high when Cross Fit is done by oneself, without any supervision.

So, go for the above mentioned simple Cross Fit exercises to have a guilt-free holiday time!

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