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Are supplements necessary?

A lot of people are very interested in getting in better shape. It often starts with a plan, and usually this plan includes a grueling fitness routine, food plans, and most popular, supplement schedules. People often think that it's absolutely necessary to take supplements in order to get into great shape, but remember the purpose of the supplement - supplement a already healthy diet! 

When people first get bitten by the fitness bug, they are likely to listen to their local guru about supplements, however as you progress through the ranks and increase your knowledge, you'll come to understand what it really takes when it comes to the concept of supplements. You'll not only understand what supplements are necessary, you'll find out the truth behind really needing supplements in order to achieve all of your fitness goals.

 An Expensive Myth

Most fitness supplements we learned of today emerged in the 1990s. This was the explosion of so-called "mass monster" bodybuilders, and many of these individuals became the faces and marketing mascots for burgeoning bodybuilding brands. These supplements that most people began to worship were the ones that still exist today. Most prominently whey protein and pre-workouts, the latter of which is undoubtedly the most profitable of all supplement types. Because of this rise in popularity, so many people assume they are absolutely necessary in order to get in shape. While this is not true whatsoever, it still remains as one of the dominant ideologies amongst people in the fitness community. While they are not necessary, they are not entirely useless, either.

Some of the benefits of these supplements includes their ability to help people get their adequate nutrient intake. A lot of supplements like encapsulated micronutrients, vitamins, and other add-ons are great for those that struggle with fitting in all of their nutritional goals if time or money is tight. However, while this is certainly true, the reality is that you do not need supplements. Just as the name suggests, supplements are merely just that—supplementary things that are there to only fill in the gaps where someone was unable to get in all of their nutritional requirements. They are absolutely essential for only a very small minority of people, and even then, only certain kinds of supplements are all that vital. Those would include those that allow people to get in their total protein requirement where they otherwise weren't able to, and this is something that a lot of beginning fitness enthusiasts wouldn't even have to worry about because they really need to be more concerned with getting whole foods and sleep more than anything else.

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