What is IIFYM / Flexible Dieting?

If you have been looking for the fastest and most effective way to completely transform your body in a hurry – all without ever having to completely transform your diet and eating habits or abandon your favourite foods – you’re going to want to pay close attention to absolutely everything we are able to share with you below in regards to Flexible Dieting or “If It Fits Your Macros” (also known as IIFYM).

This just may be the ultimate way to enjoy a completely clean eating program that requires next to no real effort whatsoever, and the best way to lead the kind of healthy fitness lifestyle and that guarantees that you get the body of your dreams.


Let’s dive right in!

IIFYM gives you the chance to transform your body – and lose fat rapidly – while still eating your favourite foods.  The way that Flexible Dieting works is rather simple and straightforward, but it is guaranteed to provide you with the fat loss and muscle building results so long as you “play by the rules”.

The general premise is very simple and straightforward:

You want to first start off by figuring out what your macros need to be – the macronutrient values that you have to hit on a day-to-day basis to force your body to go through the fat loss or muscle building process automatically – and once that’s taken care of the you’ll be able to start choosing foods that meet your macronutrient demands to overhaul your body almost overnight.

It really doesn’t get any better than this!

Breaking down macronutrients

For all intents and purposes when you are getting ready to rock and roll with IIFYM you’ll want to focus on the following macronutrient values:

  • Your total amount of calories consumed on a daily basis…
  • Your percentage of carbohydrates…
  • Your percentage of protein and…
  • Your percentage of fat consumed every day…

 And as long as you find the right ratios for fat loss (or for building muscle) you’ll be able to streamline your results with next to no real extra effort whatsoever.

 A typical fat loss approach to utilizing Flexible Dieting is to go have the protein and fat (we’re talking about a 50/30 split, with 20% carbohydrates to round things out throughout the day), but if you’re looking to really boost your muscle mass you’ll want to “fudge” those numbers at least a little bit to find the right macros to create results for your specific body type.

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.  There are all kinds of calculators online that can help you figure these numbers all on your own, and you’ll want to utilize each and every one of them to get the most accurate number suitable for your fitness goals.  Watch out for additional content on flexible dieting by signing up to our newsletter.

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