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Weight loss just got easier with H2O!

Along with your healthy diet and exercise regime, the next thing that you can do is drink a lot of water, at least two litres every day. Drinking an adequate quantity of water, on a daily basis, has very often been underestimated. 

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Fat Loss Techniques That Are Unhealthy

Because of the pressure to lose weight, so many unknowledgeable people put their body through a lot of bad things. Whether it's starvation diets, bad supplements, or a whole host of other problems, it's important to be aware of these habits so you don't make the same mistakes when dieting that a lot of other people tend to make. 

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Free 10km running training program

The goal of this 12-week training plan is to get you training and running a 10km race, and most importantly - injury free!  We’ll start with the walk/run method which teaches your body to adapt to running longer distances.  This will allow your muscles to recover which will help to avoid any injuries.   

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Sleep yourself slim!

An average person is biologically programmed to sleep around a third of their entire time on the planet. Eight to nine hours of sound sleep is recommended for everyone. You can sleep for eight hours straight or you may break it into a siesta of two hours and six hours of sleep through the night. Lack of sufficient sleep will definitely make you more anxious, stressed and irritated. You may also feel groggy throughout the day. These are only visible symptoms. The actual damage is subtle and perpetual. Constant sleep deprivation leads to weight gain, hormonal imbalances and a plethora of health ailments. Sleep is one of the quintessential requisites for weight loss and overall health. Let us explore how...

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